New Experience with Simply Thai Catering

Thai Traditional cuisine is the category of food that always brings you absolute savory and familiarity. For this reason, Thai cuisine is often one of the best options when it comes to catering. With that being said, “Kra-wan by FUZIO Catering” decided to create your special meal with easy to taste Thai cuisine, cooked by hotel chefs. For more than 10 years of experience, we guarantee our quality will allow you to explore the simple but full of excellency Thai catering with Kra-wan by FUZIO Catering. At Kra-wan with Simply Thai Catering concept, in order to create a simple Thai menu in the new form while still containing the signature taste of Kra-wan by FUZIO Catering, we pay attention to every step; from selecting great ingredients to preparing them in the hands of top hotel chefs. Our Simply Thai Catering offers you a Buffet / Meal box / Snack box / Thai set and Food stall services that will be the answer for your needs on every special day. We guarantee our services will be an unforgettable experience for you.